The Centerpiece (EGF) Voluminous

The Centerpiece (EGF) Voluminous


The Centerpiece (Emerald Green flower) Voluminous, is an exclusive, unique and sassy design. Its fusion of leather and walnut wood with a detailed delicately flowers carved design, where the center emerald green flower stand out, this oversize handbag makes a statement no one can miss. You don't have to worry where to place your clutch to dance, eat, etc., just turn it upside down on the table or bar and it would be a fabulous centerpiece that all your BFFs will want to steal from you.

Measurements: H: 9-1/4" L: 13-3/4" D: 2-1/4"

NOTE:  Our exclusives bags if not in stock take one to two weeks to be delivered, due to fine and detail craftsmanship.


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    Note:  Same refund rules apply for Samples handbags.

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