Care instructions

J & Y leather exclusive handbags and accessories are 100% handmade, this process includes designing, hand carving, tooling, dying and assembling. Items may have some casual marks and scratches, but it doesn't spoil the product to the contrary, it adds character and a unique charisma to an authentically handcrafted item. 


J & Y handmade original creations are made of 100% vegetable tanned leather, that means there might be occasional insect bites, scars and butchers/tannery's marks. This also adds a special natural touch of charm to the leather items


 While natural vegetable leather products are new they can be firm, but will get softer with time like any other real and genuine leather. This product is made to last and should be considered and heirloom to be passed down to a future generation.


To maintain your leather items in pristine condition, Aussie leather conditioner, Skidmore's bee wax, or any other leather maintenance product of you preference is advised. The conditioner is applied at least once a month or as needed, using a soft cloth to keep your leather looking at it’s best and protected from water and weather conditions as much as posible.  note: products made out of full grain vegetable leather most be kept out of heavy rain or stream weather if possible to avoid water stains).